My name is Rachael. My mum added the extra 'a' to keep me on my toes. 

I was born, nude and screaming, in sun-bleached Adelaide, Australia. I then continued my screaming under the wide blue skies of Canberra, and later took my adolescent scowl to Melbourne, where I stopped wearing colour and started spending my house deposit on smashed avocado. I then spent about six years in Amsterdam avoiding herring (just... no) and the red light district. I'm currently based in sun-free London, where I am clothed in accordance with area custom and reserve screaming for special occasions.

I'm a freelance senior copywriter. I love the Internet, science fiction, Carly Rae Jepsen and video games. This is my cat in a tequila hat. I have a PhD in cultural studies, which means I can tick 'doctor' on forms when I feel like it. 

I always notice when you've had a haircut. That's why I'm a wizard.

Let's hang out.