The Jacky Winter Group

My friend Jeremy started The Jacky Winter Group, a creative services agency, back in 2007. He asked if I could help him out with his first artist listings, promos, things like that. At the time I was finishing my PhD and thought it was a bit of fun. I had no idea what I was doing was called 'copywriting', and one day it would be my career. Here are some things I've made with The Jacky Winter Group over the years. 

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words

Baby's first print ad! Jeremy bought a full page ad in the Creative Review Handbook to launch The Jacky Winter Group. The only problem was - what to do with it? Jeremy wanted to cut through the clutter of a handbook full of images. So we thought, since a picture is worth a thousand words, why not write a thousand words? So I did. You can read the entire Creative Review ad here.

100% Cold Pressed Creativity

How do you grab someone's attention with a little envelope? By promising that said envelope contains 100% cold pressed organic creativity. Actually, it contained a rattlesnake egg.There are a few things I'm truly proud of in my advertising career - and one of those is the tiny footnote 'may cause intestinal disco.' 

Multipurpose Business Card

The Jacky Winter Group has six employees. They wanted to print one business card. This was my solution.

My role: extraordinarily amateur brand strategy, so very much copy and concept.